Tuesday Beau

I've just published a bunch of comments but there is no way I can reply at the moment, nor is there really anyway that I can post anything else for a while. I'm suddenly so much busier at work and as I'm always on a service point, blogging or facebooking or checking any email other than work is frowned upon. Which doesn't really matter because typically I'm so freaking busy, I can't do any of these things anyway.

The pressure is building and building and my bills are building and building. I'm behind in my rent and my phone was shut off so my former roommate with whom I share a phone account paid it so now I owe him money - money I don't have. I'm behind in rent. My bank account is constantly overdrawn. I can't stand this, so something has to give.

I'm sorry but probably at least for the next few weeks, this will be my last posting until I can open up some more time space for myself. I love you all dearly. Take care.



Steven Anthony said…
Jp....no words, you already know <3
Kyle said…
Wow, things sound pretty bad. Hang in there JP. Take care of the physical realm stuff first. We can wait. Hugs and love from NH.
Dean Grey said…
Hang in there, JP!


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