Two Months of Winnings

Over the past two months, I've been blessed with a blog winning streak!

My last win was the first season of the HBO series Hung which I won from Doug over at Dougsploitation! Thank you, Doug!

Here's Tanya and Ray posing with Québécois Moose.

I've already watched the first season twice and have added it to my list of TV series that I obsess about.

Just before that I won a Marriage is So Gay shirt from The Naughty Book Kitties! Thanks, Brent!

But before all this I won a treasure trove of stuff from MUZOPHILE:

A great T-Shirt!

A hat, a keychain, and a pen featuring Muzo's huge cock that I almost took to my server job. Can you imagine if I handed it to some little old blue-hair so she could sign her credit card slip? LOL

And this lovely poster hanging on my refrigerator!

However, I did forget to take pics of the Str8tCam Lube that Muzo sent me as well.

At some point, Muzo may post some other pics I sent to him of me wearing the I heart Muzophile shirt, and when he does I'll be sure to post the link on my blog!

I hope my luck continues. LOL!


Doug said…
I was hoping for a photo of you holding the HUNG dvd in front of your "junk". :)
Glad you are enjoying it!
Schweigsame said…

LUV that final pix! We need more like it (and some naughtier variations of it). It's a Real Winner!
RAD said…
wow--I need to come over and rub you so I get some luck rubbed off on me!
JamTheCat said…
Look at them legs! You been workin' out?
Writer said…
Doug, I'm a grower not a show-er, but maybe for you. ;)
Writer said…
Thank you, Steven. :)
Writer said…
Thank you, Schweigsame. As soon as I get my Internet connection at home, I'll be a little more free with the naughty pics. LOL
Writer said…
RAD, I'd love a good rubbing. ;)
Writer said…
Kyle, my legs are the best thing on this body. It's the rest of me that needs to work out. LOL. ;)
Kyle said…
Lucky you, for winning all the stuff. Lucky us for the last pic.:)

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