Wednesday Review

How do you start living again when the lies you've built your life on are swept away?

When Andy Nocera is caught sucking dick at the local highway rest stop, he is kicked out of his house by his wife Alice, he loses his job, and in order to avoid jail time, he must undergo a year of therapy. In the process he allows the blossoming that his life of denial has not allowed. We follow Andy not only through his year of therapy, but also his year of traveling the country as a salesman and discovering other gay men; his year of self- and family-discovery; and his year of his mother growing ill. He also becomes a safe place for a nephew who is also gay.

Ultimately this is a book about a journey through memory and shame that leads to freedom: as the cover shows us, Andy treads half submerged and reaches safe landing at the middle of the water.
A whirlwind had raced through my mind as Julia [Roberts] cavorted across the screen. What would I say to him? How would I even broach the subject? I could tell him about myself, not the disgusting, dirty details, just enough to highlight my mistakes, warning him about paths not take. We could talk about love. I could assure him a sweet and gentle soul awaits him. I could tell him not to throw himself away, not to let himself get bitter and callous and unable to trust love when it finally appears. I would promise him it will happen. If not for me, at least for him. (213)

This is a short review, I know. I'm so out of practice when it comes to righting. I really liked this book. But know that it isn't the sex that is shameful. This is truly about a man becoming...well, simply...Becoming. And it touched me a lot. There were a couple of scenes that I cried - especially when he's talking about his time with his Dad. You know, my Daddy issues. LOL.

So if you get a chance, pick this up. You won't regret it.


kisatrtle said…
Stopping by with a birthday HI. Steven told me to and I always do what he says. LOL
Stephen said…
I am about to purchase 7 books on your list, because you led me to them. Thanks.

Still dig your blog.

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