Teacher Beau

Via Queerty: Oregon Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh Can Tell Elementary School Kids He's Gay Again

I would've loved having a gay teacher as a kid (take "having" however you will) - instead I got a woman with Edith Piaf eyebrows and way too much makeup and a homophobic preacherman who told us about men getting caught screwing out on the coal roads rather than actually teaching us history. Que sigh.


JamTheCat said…
My favorite teacher was in 8th grade, who made fun of me liking tea instead of coffee and berated me for carrying my books like a girl. I HATED him...and myself, a lot, that year.
Writer said…
Kyle, I think 8th grade a typical time of self-hatred. I had braces AND glasses at the time and a boner that wouldn't quit. Awkward awkward awkward.

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