Wednesday Books

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally get a copy of this book for the library! More on this soon. :)

Is not human fantasy,
Wild Aurora, likest thee,
Blossoming in nightly dreams,
Like thy shifting meteor-gleams?
~Christopher Pearse Cranch, To the Aurora Borealis, 1840

But there are two quite distinct things - given the wonderful place he's in - that may have happened to him. One is that he may have got brutalized. The other is that he may have got refined.
~Henry James, The Ambassadors


David Waters said…
I see a few i need to add to my list.
Writer said…
Don't let your list get too long: there's already so much worth reading on any library shelf, that reading is itself a neverending story. LOL
Will said…
I want Secret Historian for Christmas and I think I've got the husband's attention on the matter.
Writer said…
Good job, Will! I can't wait to own a copy myself. :)

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