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Tuesday Beau: David Tennant

Sunday Art

Glee Beau: Teenage Dream

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday Beau

Music I Was Wearing Out This Weekend

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It IS My New Bible!

Kylie, Drag Queens & Flash Mob - Oh MY!

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I Hate This Woman

Ah! Sweet Kentucky

Ah, Sweet Frenemies

Two Heads Are Better Than One Beau

60s 70s Book Cover Design

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday Beau: Owen

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Monday Review: The True Deceiver

Monday Beau

For Sean...


Happy Veteran's Day: End DADT!

The Supply Guru

Beau: Cole

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday Beau

This Must Stop

Kurt's First Kiss

Nice Package

Music I'm Wearing Out This Week

Ambivalent Book News for the Day

Hamlet Starring David Tennant

Kylie: Better Than Today

Bishop Gene Robinson to Retire

RIP: Brandon Bitner

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Keith Olbermann to Return Tuesday