Ah! Sweet Kentucky

Two men avoid jail for forcing man TO EAT HIS BEARD

Via Lexington Herald-Leader:

LAWRENCEBURG — A man who was forced to eat his beard at knifepoint said Tuesday he is satisfied with the punishment of his two assailants, even though they avoided jail time.

"There's no hard feelings," Harvey Westmoreland, 41, said in an interview at his home in Anderson County. "I mean, I ain't going to speak to them, and they better not pull in my driveway."

Troy F. Holt, 47, and James E. Hill, 51, were sentenced Tuesday in Anderson Circuit Court in connection with a bizarre altercation in May 2009, when Holt cut off Westmoreland's beard and forced him to eat it. Hill, meanwhile, held a sickle blade to Westmoreland and his brother, Joseph, 33.

Asked what it was like to eat his beard, Harvey Westmoreland said, "Well, did you ever chew on a sponge? That'd be about what it would be like."

What started the assault is in dispute. Harvey Westmoreland said it began over a riding mower that he sold to Holt. Holt said it was over a woman.

That's right, folks, a man was forced to eat his full-and-manly beard because of a riding mower or a woman - they're not sure!!


Baxter's Briefs said…
LOL! Ok, I think now I've heard everything!
Writer said…
Ah, rednecks. You never know what they'll get themselves into. LOL. ;)

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