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...the question of being important inside in one...
~Gertrude Stein to Samuel Steward,
letter of January 12, 1938

I started Secret Historian about an hour after finishing The True Deceiver, and as of last night I'm about five chapters in. As I posted on the author's Facebook page, about halfway into Mr. Spring's preface, I realized that my heart was beating at an increased rate - like it did when I collected vinyl and I had just found something that I'd been looking for for a long time, or as though I'd found some really important document proving some genealogical line.

Mr. Spring's writing is wonderful and already I know that I will love and hate this book for the same reason, as any really good biography should do: I will love the book and want to be the subject's friend and in this case even his lover but I will hate the book because I cannot be either.

Already I can tell that Samuel Steward (can I call you, Sammy?) was an amazing man that I wish I could know better.


jason said…
I've been reading this as well...fascinating.
Love your blog, btw.
Writer said…
Thank you, jason. Yes, I absolutely love this book. Part of me can't help but wonder if it didn't win the National Book Award for the same reason Brokeback Mountain didn't win best picture?

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