Music I'm Wearing Out This Week

"Armistice" by French band Phoenix:

Here's the album version that's been burning up my iPod this week.

Then, there's "Sweetest Kill" by Broken Social Scene. I'd originally told my friend Steven that this was sung by Feist (and it totally sounds like her), but, alas, it sung by BSS's Kevin Drew.

Once again, here is the studio version. Listen, and if you're familiar with Feist's voice, you'll hear what I mean.

Also, here is my all-time favorite BSS song: Lover's Spit. (If you're familiar with Queer As Folk, this is the song played when Brian and Justin get back together and have sex in Brian's office.)


David Waters said…
You must be speaking of the American version of Queer as Folk, not the UK? Great list, I'll give it a listen.
Writer said…
Oh, yeah. Sorry. Yes, the American (er, Canadian??) version of QAF.
Steven Anthony said…
ah ha, so thats why I couldn't find it...hehe :)
Writer said…
What can I say? Feist is to Kevin Drew what Superman is to Clark Kent.
Wonder Man said…
Phoenix is the bomb
Writer said…
I'm glad you liked. I was kind of lukewarm about them until Armistice ended up on my iPod and I was like "What is the yummy goodness floating into my ears???"

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