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First a play and then a movie, "Fortune and Men's Eyes" is about Smitty who is sentenced to six months in prison for marijuana possession and eventually becomes the sexual subordinate to fellow prisoner Rocky. These stills are from a Los Angeles production starring Sal Mineo as Rocky and Don Johnson (yes, THAT Don Johnson!).


When I was younger these two stills, which I ran across in a pre-Internet gay rag, made for many a masturbatory fantasy...and a new appreciation for Don Johnson (although I was more attracted to the top in these pics). The article must have mentioned that the film was based on a play because I remember wondering what it would be like to see this scene played out on a stage. Nice to see them again. :-)
Writer said…
Sal Mineo IS hot! I'm glad you get to see them again, and welcome to the blog. :)
Geez, I didn't even realize that was Sal Mineo! Did I read somewhere that James Franco - who couldn't have been any cuter in "Milk" - is considering doing a Mineo biopic? Definitely worth keeping one's fingers crossed for.

Thanks for the welcome. Great blog. I'm loving the healthy combination of politics, literature and smut.
Writer said…
Yes, I read that yesterday: James Franco is, I think, developing a Sal Mineo biopic, but he wants to write and direct it, not star in it.

You're welcome, and thank you! :)
JamTheCat said…
Saw the movie when it first came out in the early 70's (boy, am I dating myself) and in ludicrous Hollywood casting, Rocky was played by a pretty TV actor who didn't have an ounce of danger to him. Unfortunately, it killed his career...and that of Wendel Burton, who played Smitty.

But the images it left in my brain...oh, my.

It's hard to believe in those days nothing was considered taboo.
Writer said…
I'm really surprised it was made into a movie at all, but not surprised that it's out of print and not even available on NetFlix.

I liked the play - finished reading it this weekend, but the ending left something to be desired.

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