How's Your Junk

Casey Plett is a twenty-something dude who has dressed in women's clothes with gently increasing frequency over the last six years. He is taking estrogen and testosterone-suppressers, and will probably transition to being a woman in the next year or so. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we're going to put about a 90% probability on this one. Casey's genitalia is not the focus of Balls Out, but it does perennially show up uninvited and eat all the Nutella.

Read more via McSweeney's: Balls Out: A Column On Being Transgendered.


Kyle said…
Very interesting. Very nice to see. Love the tongue in cheek nature of the blog.
Writer said…
Thank you, Kyle. I try. There's very little in life that needs to be taken so seriously. So tongue in cheek it is! :)

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