I *heart Nancy Pelosi

Via NYT: Obama Seeks to deflect Anger in Party Over Tax Deal:

"The tax proposal announced by the president clearly presents the differences between Democrats and Republicans," Ms. Pelosi said in her statement. "Any provision must be judged by two criteria: does it create jobs to grow our economy and does it add to the deficit?"

"The Democratic provisions will create jobs and help 155 million workers through tax cuts for the middle class, helping working families who are struggling and growing the economy. The Republican demands would provide tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires, fail to create jobs and increase the deficit.”

She continued: "To add insult to injury, the Republican estate tax proposal would help only 39,000 of America’s richest families, while adding about $25 billion more to the deficit.Republicans have held the middle class hostage for provisions that benefit only the wealthiest 3 percent, do not create jobs, and add tens of billions of dollars to the deficit."


JamTheCat said…
Obama's a pussy. Translation of his news conference, today -- "I ran from the bullies and that makes me brave."

One term -- and I say that as a liberal card-carrying member of the ACLU.
Writer said…
Well, as long as he's replaced by another Democrat, I'm fine with that.

Though honestly I think we should get a teabagger in there so middle America will see how horrible the Tea Party really is.
You know, I've fantasized about what it would be like to have a teabagger in the White House, too -- but I have serious doubts that a huge negative fallout would actually occur, unfortunately. The corporate media outlets and the Right's propaganda machine would play up every screwing of the middle and lower classes as a victory for America. And the undereducated masses would trot right along, believing everything they hear and continuing not to think for themselves.

It really feels like this country has turned some horrifying Orwellian corner and there's no going back. Europe, anyone?
Writer said…
Hell, tallhairywolfman, let us away to Toronto, at least. I'll meet you at the bathhouse. :)

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