Must See: Black Swan

Yes, yes, yes...I know. There've been many a blog post saying Black Swan is a must see, and I'm not saying anything new.

AND I agree with Kirk that Black Swan would've had more punch in a world in which Fight Club had never already been created...but you must see it!

Seeing Natalie Portman on stage as the black swan makes the whole wild ride so worth it!

I love watching this girl put on makeup. I've watched her do Lady Gaga's makeup (well one of them) for Bad Romance - actually I think I may have posted it.


Ooo...hoping to see this today! And the Coen Brothers' "True Grit" when it opens tomorrow. Can't wait!
Ray's Cowboy said…
I can ot wait to see it. Looks wonderful.

Merry Christmas.
RAD said…
I want to see tis movie big time! Wanted to also stop in and wish you a very happy holiday season! Hope all is going swell! xo
Kyle said…
Great vid JP. I think you did post one of hers before. Love these.

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