Repost: James Marsden

Modern Family is a show I wish I could watch more often...especially with James Marsden and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in a hot tub. More proof that we all look better at least partially wet. :)

Via OMGblog among others.


BosGuy said…
My sisters love this show and keep sending me funny clips of these two guys. Recently they sent me a clip of the red head joining a flash mob dance which was quite funny. At some point I'm sure I'll get around to seeing this show.
Writer said…
BosGuy, I've seen bits and pieces on Thursday night at my server job. But usually the act of rolling silverware interrupts my enjoyment of the show. :)
Kyle said…
Awesome clip. :)

As with everything else we'll see it when it comes out to DVD.
Writer said…
Kyle, same here. LOL

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