Very Beau: Brad McGuire & James Roscoe

Via WickedGayBlog:
The pornography company Treasure Island Media is promoting a couple that includes an HIV-negative and an HIV-positive partner having unprotected sex as "role models." They are believed to be the first sero-discordant barebacking couple to be advertised as porn stars.

According to a Treasure Island statement, the acting couple’s James Roscoe is HIV-positive, while Brad McGuire is HIV-negative. In a scene featuring Roscoe and McGuire on a Treasure Island website, Roscoe is the receptive anal sex partner or bottom.

"The two are a real-life, long-term, promiscuous, bareback couple," stated the company in a press release.

The post also provides a link to further reading via Edge.

I LOVE Treasure Island Media and can't wait to see this scene!


Writer said…
They are! And I love that they are a sero-discordant couple.

I so need to buy more TIM DVDs!
robertga99 said…
Yikes. Sorry but I think it may be a little irresponsible to call them "role models". I realize being positive isn't a death sentence but it is a serious health concern.

I'm not saying someone who is HIV + should only have sex with other positive people, but I do feel that someone who is negative should use protection and not risk contracting the disease.
Writer said…
Bob, I agree about the "role models" thing, but that is T.I.M. modus operandi - all things bareback and edgy.

However, if you've read the current research on HIV (and of course this assumes that Brad McGuire's partner is on medication), that an HIV+ person who's not only been on medication for at least six months but also has a viral load of 0 for six months, can not spread the disease. Doctors in Switzerland have said that it would be safe for a sero-discordant couple to have unprotected sex based on this research.

And given that James Roscoe is the bottom, there is very little (if any) risk to Brad. Also, there is less risk of exposure, I think, with barebacking because more care is taken for the skin of both the penis and the ass. I know from my own experience, I tend to bleed more as a bottom for a top using a condom.

However, if Brad were to bottom for James, this, I think, would be a different story. The tests for viral load account for the amount of virus in the blood not in semen.

Articles about the Swiss findings for sero-discordant couples can be found online.
Writer said…
Wonder Man, Brad McGuire is probably one of my all-time favorite tops.
robertga99 said…
That's a lot of great information but I still think it's reckless UNLESS they include all of that info in the video.

I just think the message, without that info attached, is saying sero-discordant barebacking couple's are role models. They aren't giving the facts like you did.

Don't get me wrong, I love porn and I love bareback scenes. Jake Cruise does a good job with a disclaimer about his bareback scenes.

It's just with the recent news of HIV infections spreading, I think we need to be more pro-active in the community about educating and stopping the spread of this disease even in the porn community.
Writer said…
I completely agree, Robert. Which is why I think the phrase role models is in quotes, but also consider that for the subculture of barebacking (which T.I.M. is focused on), they are indeed role models.
Writer said…
So in other words, consider the source and take it with a grain of salt. :)

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