The Year in HIV/AIDS

I have two giant microbe plush toys: the HIV virus and the Epstein-Barr (Kissing Disease) virus. The latter was given to me by my Boo. LOL

2010: The Year the Tide Turned Against AIDS

Hands up: anyone else annoyed by the use of the term AIDS? It's HIV we're fighting: it's what causes AIDS which like Borderline Personality Disorder is just an umbrella - a freaking large umbrella - covering a bunch of symptons that that don't really mesh very well!

Earlier this winter German doctors announced that a man who had been given a bone-marrow transplant had been HIV-free for three years. Last month, a drug used to contain HIV was shown to also prevent its spread from person to person. Meanwhile there may be a blueprint for a vaccine, more people are getting tested than ever, the Pope has loosened his stance on condom use just slightly enough to give experts a sliver of hope that contraception distribution will be easier, and a new breed of anti-AIDS activists puts increasing pressure on the government to act with urgency.


Kyle said…
JP, scientists have made some very great strides this year, but we have a very long road ahead to fully deal with the impact of HIV. Human beings have a lot of growing up to do before we can adequately fight HIV/AIDS(and its effects on people's lives) and that is holding us back as much as the inability to medically deal with viruses very well.

By the way I love the plushies. :)
Writer said…
I agree with you, seems the stigma of the disease, IMHO, is worse than the actual disease.

And isn't that just the most adorable lil HIV virus! :)
dsinla said…
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Writer said…
Thank you for the link, dsinla, and welcome to my blog. Have a good new year, and I hope to see more comments from you. :)

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