Beau: Johnny Gunn and Tim Kruger

The bottom is Johnny Gunn and I'm in love. The top is Tim Kruger is the top and I'm also in love.

Johnny Gunn's extenders are the size I want to get.

Pic via (and there's more there) 100percentgay

Also there's a full video of them fucking in a locker room at maXXXcock

They're so hot, I don't mind the condoms at all.


Will said…
Great men, totally sexy and totally what fucking is all about.
A Lewis said…
Cum or piss stream? Can't quite tell. Effin hot!
Chad said…
This has got to be one of the hottest videos. I love Timtales. :)
Writer said…
Hey, Will! Long time no see. Yes, I love these two, and will totally take some time this week to download the vids. HOT! :)
Writer said…
A Lewis, I think it is cum, but honestly I'd be okay with either. But on second thought it is quite difficult to piss while you have a dick in your ass. :)
Writer said…
Thanks for stopping by, Chad. Yeah, I haven't seen many scenes from TimTales, but what I have seen always keeps me up. Even with the condom. :)

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