God Donald Trump Is Such an IDIOT

Apparently Donald Trump is raising a stink about the newspaper announcement of Barack Obama's birth.

According to Trump this isn't simply a newspaper announcement: it is what he's passing off as Obama's birth certificate, suggesting that his family was too poor for an actual one.

Maybe I've been doing genealogy too long...or maybe I'm not so moneyed that I allow my brain to become mush...but I know that most states since the early 1910s issued official documents called birth certificates (some places earlier and some later), and that in some communities even today, newspapers issue birth announcements.

For example, my birth announcement, a copy of which I carry in my wallet, lists my parents, where they live, my name, the date of my birth, where I was born, my weight (8 lbs. 14 oz.), my grandparents and where they lived.

And, guess what? The announcement wasn't printed until 8 days after my birth, and, no, that does not mean I'm lying about being born in western Kentucky nor does it mean that I'm actually a citizen of Kenya. (But don't worry: there are plenty of other reasons that I'm most likely not elligible to run for President.)


cigardude13 said…
Will Rogers, the great American humorist, was a Native American and born on the reservation. Birth certificates were not issued. As he later mentioned when this subject arose, "I can't prove that I was born, but you can't deny that I am here". :)
Writer said…
Too true, cigardude13, too true. :)

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