Str8t Boys Being Stupid Beau

My cousin Clay is in da middle. LOL

Via Facebook. Trying to keep it light today, cause I'm still pretty wasted and it is about to storm AND there's a beautiful man still in my bed yet I'm here at work.

blah blah blah


Chris said…
I was going to get wasted last night but I got cancelled on, so don't even, OK? :)

Storms can be pretty sexy with a beautiful man in your bed. Perhaps you can get him to still be there when you get back from work.
Writer said…
Naw. I kept him in bed as I was getting up but he had to be up and gone by noon.

Granted I didn't reset the alarm, so maybe I'll get to pounce on him when I go home for lunch. :)
Chris said…
Are you kidding me? Isn't noon, like, *lunch* time? Get your ass over there, now.
Writer said…
Chris, he was gone when I got hom but he's planning on coming over tonight. He's told me he wants to be fucked. :)

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