Sad Day For Music

I'm sure most of you already know what I'm posting here, but if not:

Poly Styrene (on the left) of the X-Ray Specs passed away yesterday of breast cancer. She was 53.

Via Spinner:

Sadly, the punk world lost one of its great pioneers this week as X-Ray Spex's iconic leader Poly Styrene (aka Marian Joan Elliott-Said) succumbed to breast cancer. She was 53 years old.

The British-born singer was an inimitable voice in the first-generation London punk scene and the defining face of a heroic band that consistently broke from convention. On Tuesday, rumors of her death became increasingly credible, fueled by condolences on her Facebook page, and her UK spokesperson confirmed the news early Tuesday morning.

Visit Towleroad where a link is provided to Poly Styrene's new album Generation Indigo which was released today in the U.S.

Also Phoebe Snow died today as a result of a brain hemorrhage she suffered last year. She was 60.

Pop & Hiss:

Phoebe Snow, the jazz-pop singer best known for her 1975 hit "Poetry Man," has died at age 60 of complications from a brain hemorrhage she suffered last year.

She captured pop audiences and musicians alike with her rich, dark and wide-ranging voice, and scored another hit, the supercharged gospel-inflected "Gone At Last," in tandem with Paul Simon. Her debut album, "Phoebe Snow" reached No. 4 in Billboard and helped earn her a Grammy nomination as best new artist.

Visit Kenneth in the (212) for videos of Phoebe Snow performing.

Actually it's more of a sad week. I didn't realize that TV on the Radio's Gerrad Smith died of cancer last Wednesday (April 20), though I had previously read that he was battling lung cancer. He was 36.

Visit Pitchfork for more information, links, and TV on the Radio videos.

(And if you feel like you don't know who TV on the Radio is if you watched QAF, their song Satellite was used in a seen in which Brian Kenney was in a steamroom watching guys have sex while he kept having flashbacks of his recent testicular cancer operation.)


I recently posted about Mz. Snow...what a HUGE loss to music and the world :(

hugs mate
Writer said…
Hey, David. Hugs back. I'm more familiar with X-Ray Specs and TV on the Radio.

For some reason, whenever I try to recall any of Phoebe Snow's songs, I get a medley of Minnie Ripperton songs. :(

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