Song For the Impending Storms


we have been pelted off and on all day...good weather to stay in, cuddle up and listen to some good music...thanx mate ;)
Writer said…
The Shondes don't play music that I would necessarily cuddle too - though they do have a few tracks that would make a session of angry, spiteful sex a little bit hotter.

But, yes, this weather is definitely sit on the couch with something warm to drink with your feet entangled in the PJs bottoms of the guy sitting at the other end of the couch while watching something British kinda weather. :)

Well, that is until you start kissing each other.
ah ha, I see we are of like mind in such matters :)

Stay "entangled" mate :)

ps. My post on Mz. Snow had a couple of her songs on it, if you are interested :)
Writer said…
I will check out your post, David. My issue is that most of the time I'm speakerless at this computer. =/

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