Blogger and the Great Snaffoo

So, apparently Friday the 13th lived up to its reputation - at least, in the blogosphere. Thankfully, I had the day off from work, and if it wasn't for meeting a friend to help him write his will, and then an odd desire to go pay bills, I would've stayed in.

I do recall the beginning of the outage on Thursday. I had just posted From Inside the Wave when suddenly I was getting a "Blogger is currently unavailable" screen.

I could go to my blog but I couldn't do anything to it. Then Friday I woke up to a text from a friend saying that my blog was gone, and I was freaked. You couldn't tell, but my little heart was beating a mile a minute and there was I stuck in a computerless house.

So it wasn't until about 3 in the afternoon that I finally got to the library and discovered, thankfully, that the blog was indeed still there. I didn't even try to login to Blogger, but went on my merry.

Today, looking closer, I see that some of my labels went wonky (I've fixed that) and all the previous day's comments had been deleted (well my comments in response to your comments) and that two posts that were scheduled to be published on Thursday and actually at least one of them DID indeed post were suddenly in some unpublished but still scheduled limbo (those I deleted sadly).

So hopefully everything is better now, and we can all proceed with our sporting lives.

Personal Lessons Learned from the Blogger Outage


it took all my comments:( and two of my post I had scheduled for future post are just gone:(

but I'm glad to see your blog survived wouldnt be the same without it ;)
DeepBlue said…
Post published on Thursday had been temporarily remove by Blogger to solve the problems so were all the comments made during that same period.
Today everything is "almost" back to normal although this morning, I could see that Blogger was still "reposting" the previously removed post - It surely must take quite some time to republish many thousand of posts.
As for the comments, those removed on my posts are not yet back. I do hope they will soon.
Have a great weekend!
Writer said…
Ah, thanks, David. I'm glad your blog survived too. My blog village wouldn't be the same without you. :)
Writer said…
DeepBlue, all my blogs that I published on Thursday before the crash survived. Just not the two that I'd scheduled for that day (one was published before the crash, the other was to be published later in the day).

Well, actually they did survive, but like I said, the still appeared in my Edit Posts as scheduled and waiting. So I just deleted them. No biggie.

And I didn't know you had a blog, so now I'm following you. :)

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