Boing Boing on Fuzzy Nation

Via BoingBoing:

It turns out that Scalzi and the Piper estate have swept the slate clean with Fuzzy Nation -- this isn't a sequel, prequel, or retelling. It's a new novel that reboots the Little Fuzzy story, writing it from a thoroughly modern place that takes account of our present-day consensus on the future. For all that Scalzi completely rewrites Piper's story (only a few characters survive, and several of them undergo personality, gender, and professional reassignments), he is remarkably true to Piper's original appeal -- like Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Nation is a story about good people trapped in a big organization, and how some of them choose to go along to get along and some of them buck the system, and what it all means for a race of "primitive" sentient beings who've just made potentially disastrous first contact with the human race.


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