Jim Gray: I'm From Glasgow, KY

Via Towleroad:

We met Mayor Jim Gray only a couple weeks after the election so he was still the president and chief executive officer of his family's company, Gray Construction. He was about to become one of four openly LGBT mayors in the U.S. and managed to win in the very same state Tea Party favorite Rand Paul won, so Mr. Gray clearly had reason to be excited. And he was. But he also openly talked about how much he was going to miss running the family business, which is probably why he won in the first place. He was quick to point out his sexuality was barely brought up in the election and folks in Lexington just wanted a competent businessman. It seemed like they got one.

It should also be pointed out, and I'm assuming he knows this, the fact that he hadn't done so well in previous elections was because he hadn't come out.

BECAUSE he wasn't out, that he was gay was used to hurt him, but it became a non-issue once he indeed came out.

But IDK, maybe he mentions this in the video.


Writer said…
Jim Gray is an awesome person! :)

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