OMGaga: Stephen Fry Interviews Lady Gaga


The Financial Times has a long interview with Lady Gaga conducted by British actor/author Stephen Fry which the paper will publish over the weekend. We were given a little sneak peek of what Gaga said to Fry during the exchange, and she makes some insane claims, including that she went bankrupt funding her Monster Ball tour.

I don't really agree with GAWKER's interpretation of the Lady Gaga's quotes, but O! to be a fly on the wall of the room in which Oscar Wilde Stephen Fry interviewed Gaga!


J@v@JuNKo said…
you know what would REALLY be a shocker, is if she just dressed in GAP and little hair and makeup done, that would be the strangest outfit she's every pulled off!!
Writer said…
I completely agree, J@v@JuNKo, normality is something she hasn't done yet. LOL

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