Secret Life of Libraries

Via The Guardian

But the [budget] cuts also underscore a deeper confusion about what libraries are: what they do, who they serve, and – in an age where the notion of books itself seems mortally flawed – why we still need them. What's the point of buildings filled with print? Isn't all our wisdom electronic now? Shouldn't libraries die at their appointed time, like workhouses and temperance halls?


DeepBlue said…
Good point indeed!
Having dwelled in the library throughout my childhood and teenage years, I cannot deny the fact that now, I don't spent as much time over there (because I have Internet) although I still borrow tons of books. I think my generation will love "prints" until it dies!!! Budget is an unending battle for libraries.
Writer said…
Even my own library is feeling the budget crunch even though we're getting more use now. =/

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