Sia's My Love

Forgive me for polluting Salmagundi with some pretty barfworthy pictures (it may be best to start the video and then turn the screen off but honestly this was possibly the least inane version of this I could find on Youtube, and that isn't saying much), but I've been unable to listen to any other song this one this weekend. It must be the constant grey skies and misting rain.

Like I told Boo, Portland seems to have moved to Kentucky.


DeepBlue said…
feel like that too
great song
had never heard it before.
Nick said…
love that song
laura linger said…
I believe that Sia is the niece of Colin Hay.
Writer said…
You're welcome, DeepBlue. :)
Writer said…
I do too, Nick. It's on a loop in my head. LOL :)
Writer said…
Who can it be now? *insert sax.

Thanks, Laura. And according to her wikipedia article, she is. :)

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