Some Play Announcements

If you are in Lexington or the Lexington area, Transylvania University's Transy on Broadway series is presenting [Title of Show] May 5, 6, and 7 at 7:30 in the Carrick Theatre. Tickets are $5.

I would SO love to go see this, but I work all 3 nights. Granted if it were the original cast, I'd quit my job except that the tickets would then be that much more expensive, thus making me that much poorer. So, yay, for $5 and non-original cast!

(And before I hear ANY jokes about it, no, I am not actually in Romania. Transylvania University is a college IN Lexington, KENTUCKY. It is named after the Transylvania Company who bought this area from the Cherokee back in da day.)

I know this is odd coming from me, after all I live in Kentucky, but I know some of my readers are in or around Toronto.

IRQR Fundraiser May 5th

Come to the play The Lavender Railroad!

We are excited to announce that Evolution Theatre has provided the IRQR with all 40 tickets to this gay-themed theatre experience to be held on the evening of Thursday, May 5th.

Inspired by the metaphor of the Underground Railroad, playwright Lawrence Aronovitch has given us two plays in one evening: Safe House and Ex Cathedra.

The performance will be at the intimate Leonard Baulne Studio (135 Séraphin Marion) at the University of Ottawa, refreshments to be served.

You are invited to buy one of the 40 tickets, most of the proceeds of which will go to further the work of the IRQR on behalf of our brothers and sisters who have fled Iran and seek refuge here is Canada and in safety elsewhere.

We hope that we can count on your support for this thought-provoking and entertaining event. There will be time for discussion with the playwright and members of IRQR after the plays.

Tickets are available for $25; $20 for seniors and students.

Please contact Paul at for information or tickets.

Refer also to the Evolution Theatre’s website at
*Note: We have purchased the tickets for less than half the box office price, to enable us to make this a fund-raiser. Proceeds from refreshments on opening night (May 4th) and May 5th will also flow to the IRQR.

Go to for more information on the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees.


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