Summer Reads: Beach Book Makeover Edition

Okay, okay. So he's not reading a "book"! Sue me.

Via the NYT:

The beach book has undergone a makeover for 2011. As the season’s traditional big names and story lines run out of gas, new variations on old formulas have emerged. Want a story of power, greed and conspicuous consumption? Forget Hollywood; think hedge fund. Want a killer mystery? Forget that corpse in the opening chapter; think about the heroine who wakes up with amnesia and can’t trust anyone around her. Want a topical family drama about teenage lovers? Think “Romeo and Juliet” with sexting thrown in.


Schweigsame said…
Well, it looks like he's reading THE NEW YORKER, or at least looking at the cartoons. So he'll still count--in my bed--as literate. To say nothing of cute.
Writer said…
Well, given the length of my current single life, I'd be happy for a man who even touches something in print.

Come on, baby...put down your iPhone for 5 sections, and look at the ingenious invention. It's called "print."

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