Two Straight Allies

It seems that Ben Cohen, who not only is a constant source of Eye Candy, and Hudson Taylor may be two of our biggest allies.

Ben Cohen is a world-class English rugby star, and Hudson Taylor is a three-time college all-American wrestler. They live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They barely know each other.

But they have something quite unusual in common. They may be the only two high-profile heterosexual athletes dedicating their lives to the issues of bullying and homophobia in sports.

The question that each one frequently gets — besides “Are you gay?” — is why are they involved in something that does not directly impact them, or so it would seem.

Read more at the New York Times.


Bob said…
Two HOT straight allies.
J@v@JuNKo said…
these two guys are so awesome! Real men. I have Ben on my facebook and reading his posts and about the stuff that he does shows he's such a great guy! And they are both drippin hot eye candy ;)
Writer said…
Indeed, Bob, indeed. :)
Writer said…
Totally, J@v@! And thank you: I'm gonna go find been on Facebook. :)

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