Welcome Shorty's!

We're FINALLY getting a grocery store in downtown! Kroger's is a 15 minute walk from my place (therefore a 30 minute walk from work), but Shorty's is just a block away!

Via its Facebook page:

Shorty's is a New York-style, 3000 square foot grocery that sits in the Traditional Bank Building in downtown Lexington. It has exposed brick walls, antique wood floors, and a large walk-in vault where the frozen foods are located.

Shorty’s will carry fresh meat, produce and popular products found at most grocers - with an emphasis on items grown and produced in Kentucky.

The stores hours are 8AM to 8PM Monday-Saturday and 10AM to 4PM on Sunday. Parking is available to customers on the right side of the building.

Today's lunch special? Chicken salad stuffed tomato with mixed green or, buffalo chicken panini with mozzarella and blue cheese dressing. YUM!


DeepBlue said…
I looove the walk-in vault thing!
Writer said…
Yeah! Isn't that neat! :)
Schweigsame said…
What's a "New York style grocery store"--asks someone who lives in NYC. Small? Does not sell beach chairs and lawn ornaments?

Just curious.
Schweigsame said…
Reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of "Designing Women" when Suzanne took Mary Jo to the supermarket to meet men. Suzanne (predictably) was vetoing men right and left. Finally Mary Jo noticed two very attractive men in their early 30s.

"There, what about them?" she asked.

Suzanne looked, heaved a great sigh, and snapped, "Mary Jo! Two men, one cart, fresh pasta--getta clue!"
Writer said…
Wonder Man, I'm excited once again to go shopping. :)
Writer said…
Schweigsame, don't y'all have "Kentucky style grocery stores" in New York? A.k.a. Wal-Mart? There's got to be at least one Wal-Mart in New York somewhere. ;)
Writer said…
Schweigsame, that is hilarious! I miss that show. :)
Schweigsame said…
No, no Wal-Mart in Manhattan. They keep trying to come into NYC (someplace like the Bronx or Queens) but keep being denied. I'm sure they've infected New Jersey and other places around the city.

Given the cost of real estate in Manhattan, it would cost them a fortune (literally) to open a Wal-Mart-sized store here, even if they could find the physical space.

It's not unusual for my relatives in Alabama to go to Wal-Mart two or three times a day. I think that's their idea of entertainment.
Writer said…
Well, Schweigsame, I hate WalMart and wished we lived in a WalMart free world. :)

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