Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Mine is...

Libra: skin, lumbar region, kidneys, and buttocks
Librans should focus on organized and gentle fitness options — posh health clubs appeal to you. Ice-skating and golf are options, but low-impact cardio and stretching will quiet down your brain. Avoid heavy lifting or anything that could cause stress to your lower back. You can be prone to fatigue or tiredness, so try to stay motivated. Finding a gym buddy is a good idea, but don’t get so carried away with socializing that you forget the workout.

What?? Golf is an options?? Over my low-impact cardio'd, stretched body!

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Kyle said…
Jp, Mine:

"Capricorn: bones (skeletal structure), joints, knees, and teeth
Capricorns do not expect immediate satisfaction, so endurance is the name of the game here. Since your sign governs the bones and joints, you need to move regularly to avoid feeling stiff. Hiking and rock climbing appeal to the mountain goat in you and also fill your need to challenge yourself. Jogging, walking, and cycling are good options as well, especially in long duration. Just be careful of your knees and don’t do anything too high impact."

Seems about right to me. My knees do kill me if I don't watch out
Writer said…
Cool. I mean, about being right, not about your knees. :)

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