Dan Savage at ALA

Via LibraryJournal.com

Tailoring his message to an ALA audience, Savage connected his It Gets Better campaign to the mission of libraries: "Librarians get what It Gets Better is really about-it's about information, and access to that information."

The premise, he said, is that if bullied students had more access to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) role models through these videos, they'd find the hope that the adults in their lives might not be able to provide. Savage says the problem is the same, whether it's a lack of LGBT presence in the community, the emotional toll brought on by disapproving parents, being "bullied from the pulpit," or getting rejected for any variety of other reasons.


Writer said…
Information is key, David. :)
becca said…
very true the more you know the better it is. i try to make sure my son always has information available for questions i can't answer.

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