Monday's Muhlenberg Pic on Tuesday

This is my home's backyard. Granted this is new to me. If this were a picture from my childhood, there'd be an aboveground pool in the foreground, and the tallest tree in the photograph, a swamp oak just left of center would not be fronting a group of almost-as-tall trees.

It seems the railroad (which you can't see beyond the trees) no longer cleans their side of the ditch that borders this bottomland, so now we have this really, really private though somewhat smaller backyard. I kinda like it, and according to my Mom, we now on occasion have deer that cross the tracks and come into our yard.


Nick said…
that's soooo beautiful :) I'm jealous
Writer said…
Thanks, Nick. I love this place. :)
becca said…
what a beautiful yard can i come play

Everyday Life
that looks like heaven sweets :)
Kyle said…
JP it is a nice lot. Funny how things change. The wooded space is becoming, especially knowing it hides a rail track.

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