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Dark Jenny: An Eddie LaCrosse Novel by Alex Bledsoe

Mystery Fantasy. On a cold winter's night, private investigator and self-described "sword jockey" Eddie LaCrosse is enjoying a pint or two in his favorite tavern when a visitor shows up carrying a coffin addressed to Eddie. Who's in it? Well, that's a long story--one that begins years ago in the kingdom of Grand Bruan, where King Marcus Drake's Knights of the Double Tarn hold court. Although Alex Bledsoe's Eddie LaCrosse mysteries, beginning with The Sword-Edged Blonde and Burn Me Deadly, take place in a medieval world full of swords and sorcery, their wisecracking protagonist and hard-boiled storylines may appeal to fans of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.

The Chaos Crystal by Jennifer Fallon

Epic Fantasy. Eons ago, a group of magic-using immortals called the Tide Lords created the Crasii, a slave race of human-animal hybrids, to help them rule the lands of Amyrantha and Glaeba and all the humans who live there. But not everyone accepts the Tide Lords' authority. In fact, some--like Lady Arkady Desean and her allies--are actively fighting against it. The Chaos Crystal is the 4th and concluding volume of the Tide Lords series; newcomers will want to start with The Immortal Prince.

Queen of Kings by Maria Dahvana Headley

Historical Fantasy. With her beloved Alexandria besieged by Octavian's army following the Battle of Actium, and her lover, Marc Antony, dead, there's no way out for legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra except death. Or is there? Using magic, Cleopatra calls upon warrior goddess Sekhmet, but the spell goes awry and transforms her into a vampiric creature that shuns daylight and craves human blood. And that's when the real battle begins. If you're interested in another magic-infused tale about othe Queen of the Nile, check out Jo Graham's Hand of Isis.

Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

Fairy Tale Fantasy. Set in Leningrad just after the Russian Revolution, Deathless is a retelling of the Russian folktale of Koschei the Deathless, a wizard whose immortality results from the fact that his soul resides in a separate place from his body. Koschei steals a bride, a human girl named Marya Morevna, and spirits her away to his home in the Country of Life. But as magical crone Baba Yaga reveals, any fairy tale heroine worth her salt can expect seemingly insurmountable trials before her story is finished. If you enjoy the blending of Russian history and fairy tales, check out Ekaterina Sedia's The Secret History of Moscow or Kim Wilkins' Veil of Gold.

After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn

Fantasy. Celia West is the estranged daughter of legendary superheroes Captain Olympus and Spark, who have been saving the world since before she was born. Utterly lacking in superpowers (unless you count her talent for getting kidnapped by bad guys), Celia works as a forensic accountant. It's as far from the family business as she can get - until her firm assigns her to the District Attorney's office to gather evidence for the trial of the century, involving her parents' arch-nemesis, the Destructor. There's just one problem: when she was 17, Celia briefly joined forces with the Destructor in the ultimate act of teenage rebellion. For another look into the everyday lives of superheroes - and supervillains - try Austin Grossman's Soon I Will Be Invincible.


becca said…
they sounds amazing my book list keeps growing don't think i'll ever find the end
Writer said…
Keeping a book list is as much an art as reading itself. :)

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