NPR: Born This Way and the End of the Album as We Knew It

Via NPR:

But there's a practical benefit to the million-in-sales designation, beside the fact that it's a trophy Gaga and her team clearly coveted. It allows them to perpetuate a conceptual narrative that casts the singer and her fans as a band of misfits who will rally round each other in the midst of a crumbling industry. A million plus in sales? What more proof could you need that Gaga's bond with her Little Monsters is special enough to lift an album above the rubble? (Note that Gaga told The Wall Street Journal that she thought 99 cents was a fair price for a digital version of an album. She could have many reasons for saying that, but the desire not to alienate 440,000 fans is probably high on the list.)

Slightly sarcastic and cynical, but having been to one of her concerts, I believe the bond between the Little Monsters and Lady Gaga is real, even should it prove at some point to be one-sided, as is the case many-a-time with Fame and Celebrity.


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