RIP: Lord Patrick Leigh Fermor

Image and repost via A Different Stripe:

"To change scenery; abandon London and England and set out across Europe like a tramp—or, as I characteristically phrased it to myself, like a pilgrim or a palmer, an errant scholar, a broken knight or the hero of The Cloister and the Hearth! All of a sudden, this was not merely the obvious, but the only thing to do. I would travel on foot, sleep in hayricks in summer, shelter in barns when it was raining or snowing and only consort with peasants and tramps. If I lived on bread and cheese and apples, jogging along on fifty pounds a year like Lord Durham with a few noughts knocked off, there would even be some cash left over for paper and pencils and an occasional mug of beer. A new life! Freedom! Something to write about!"

Patrick Leigh Fermor, writing in A Time of Gifts about the genesis of his journey by foot (undertaken when he was 18 years old) from Holland to Constantinople.

A website about Patrick Leigh Fermor (or Paddy, or PLF) has a roundup of obituary coverage, and has put up a tribute page, on which readers are invited to comment.

I post this less because of some overall regard for Lord Patrick (the library here owns one book which I HAVE checked out but never actually read) but more for my current obsession with Christopher Johnson McCandless (a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp) and the idea of taking off with a bare minimum and heading to someplace new - whether that be Alaska or Constantinople.

(However, this will insure that I check out that one book again and this time read it.)


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