Saturday Beau

Via Dirty Monkey

I thought that'd get your attention.

I will be home in the country this next week for vacation, but you won't be without me. I plan to post some pics from back home everyday of the week. (YES, did I mention that I found my digital camera's connector cable? YAY!)

Also I hope to do some work on the blog...add a blog list that updates my blogger friends' blogs in a manner that makes it easier for me to keep up with you guys.

The week should be pretty easy. I'll be doing quite a bit of genealogy, and wondering around the sorta big small town that is my home, and the week ends with a marriage, maybe a get together with my Dad's side of the family, and my friend Melissa seems to be having karaoke at her place (goddess forbid)!

And for you traditionalists, there will be Pretty on Monday and the Grand High Holiday of Hump Day, so enjoy!


have a wonderful trip...i miss u already
BosGuy said…
Hmmm... sounds wonderful.
Writer said…
David, you don't have to miss me. I'm always here. :)
Writer said…
BosGuy, I don't know about wonderful. I'm a little freaked about being so long away from my apartment and my cats. =/
Kyle said…
Hope you are enjoying yourself!
Writer said…
Kyle, I really am. Today it is raining so I'm trapped at home for a while, but that just means I'm catching up on blogging and answering comments. A whole week in which I only have to do what I want to do. YAY!

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