Snatches of Sky

On my way downtown from Kroger, past Woodland Park.

My favorite tree stands in front of the Woodland Christian Church.

I love these semi-triangular buildings. There are two in Lexington.

Blooming hydrangea by my building. (That's my window in the upper right corner.)

The Lexington Pride Festival is today! :) Happy Pride!


DeepBlue said…
I love those streets with small bungalows and lot of shade and grass growing through the concrete (pic #7)... There aren't so much in my town! Thanks for this little visit of your town!
HAAPY PRIDE DAY, to you and your friends!
what a beautiful walk, thanx for letting me tag along
thegayte-keeper said…
One of my favourite natural wonder.
Writer said…
DeepBlue, that's just the tip of the iceberg. That whole neighborhood is like that. We love our Craftsman houses. :)
Writer said…
Anytime, David. Hopefully we can go on more walks together. I love my phone now that I've cleaned the lens. :)
Writer said…
Thank you, becca. :)
Writer said…
Wonder Man, I'll try to post more pics of the place, so you won't miss it as much. :)
Writer said…
I love the sky, gayte-keeper, how it's never the same color. :)

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