Some Images from Pride

We're here. We're queer. We have balloons!

Children playing in the fountain at the south end of the festival.

Buy a brownie from a Bear.

My friend Shaun, who was the target in the dunk booth, under water.

A Pride Gnome piñata.

And of course there were lots of cute guys, many shirtless, holding hands, hugging and kissing. I don't think I've kissed so many men in public in a very long time. :)

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Looks like a great time :)
Writer said…
It was, David, even though I only stayed briefly. :)
DeepBlue said…
Writer, Writer, Writer! Didn't your Mama ever told you never to kiss a stanger. You could catch leprosy!
Writer said…
I thought it was mono I'd catch, DeepBlue. But, alas, my Mama only taught me not to kiss strange girls...she never said anything about strange guys. ;)
becca said…
looks like lots of fun love the gnome pinta and YAY balloons i love balloons and cute guys of course.
i'd say hugs and kisses but all this talk about leprosy and mono has me a little frighten.

Everyday Life
Writer said…
becca, I find that sometimes kissing one's mirror in the bathroom is probably safest...erm...

not that I know that from experience of anything. LOL ;)

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