Did You Miss the Orson Scott Card Boycott the First Time?

Well, thanks to a game-production company, you may have another chance. A company called Red 5 Studio is planning on releasing a "free-to-play team-based shooter" and a "manga...to flesh out the world's story...So who won the honor of being the scribe for this startup's first foray into the gaming marketplace?"

Via gaygamer.net:

Orson Scott Card.


I generally try to go by the philosophy that you can separate an artist's works from his or her own personal beliefs, that I can enjoy what they produce while disagreeing with stances they have on most any other number of issues, though there are exceptions. If you exclusively consume from people who have your exact same belief set, then you are potentially depriving yourself of some quality works as well as confining yourself in an echo chamber of masturbatory self-righteousness. However, when one takes their personal belief sets, loudly make them public, and THEN tries to get laws of the land altered to enforce those beliefs on the general populace, all bets are off.

All bets are off with OSC. The science fiction author is, ironically, anti-science and has written screeds slamming evolution while promoting creationism and denies climate change. Both "issues" have mountains of scientific evidence to back them up, while the only thing against evolution is religious dogma and the only thing against climate change is... ornery contrary cussedness?

Then, there's the big pink elephant in the room: his rampaging homophobia. As a board member of the National Organization for Marriage - you know, that group that "protects" marriage by trying to deny it to us - he makes it quite clear that he thinks we are his abnormal inferiors who don't deserve to marry. That trying to fight for our right for equality under the law is "propaganda." We are "hypocrites" for saying we are who we are instead of accepting the lie that we are sinful abominations that his rose-tinted 1950's values say we are. The man's vileness can be dug up for days.

I've always found the whole OSC bullshit very troubling and very sad, mostly because I've read Ender's Game, which helped me immensely throughout a rather sad point in my life. And until I learned what a homophobic idiot OSC was/is, I would've happily handed this book over to any gay teen trying to find some strength in the world.

Fuck that.


JamTheCat said…
This is the first I heard of OSC's bullshit. It hurts, because "Ender's Game" is damned brilliant.
Writer said…
Yeah, Kyle, he's been a bitch for at least a few years now. =/
becca said…
this was all new to me and it makes me sad that people like him are out there i've never understood how people can be so mean. maybe i'm just naive but aren't they called human rights which means that we are all human and derve to have them not based on anything other then that. race, reglion and/or sexuality souldn't be a factor but the fact we are human. like i said maybe i'm just to naive to understand.
Writer said…
I don't think you are naive, becca. But some people, some very vocal (and stupid and unkind) people, don't see them as "human" rights. Bastards!
Kyle said…
Songmaster is on of my favorites. It is funny that he is so bigoted. I've always thought he was one of us, in severe denial and afflicted with tremendous self hatred.
Writer said…
Kyle, maybe he'll come out someday. :)

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