New Sarah Michelle Gellar Series

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...[T]he plot, which has Gellar playing a dual role as estranged twin sisters Bridget/Siobhan, sounds intriguing enough.

Bridget is the recovering alcoholic on the run from the mob, who takes over wealthy, glamorous Siobhan's identity after the latter mysteriously disappears during a boating excursion. Soon enough, Bridget discovers there was much more to Siobhan than meets the eye. Twisty plot developments ensue.

"At its core…it's a tale of two sisters where one is driven by redemption and one is driven by revenge," said series co-creator Erich Charmelo. "We're also playing with the themes of identity and duplicity, so [we're] playing within the conceits of noir. You know, you don't know really who's the femme fatale and who's the mark. Everybody has two faces, and every single one of our characters on the panel has a duplicitous nature. So we love delving into that realm of moral ambiguity."

For her part, Gellar – who had some of the best lines of the hour and was a real audience-pleaser throughout – spoke to the challenge of portraying two different characters.

"Bridget's story is the story of redemption, which I think is something that everybody can understand and relate to, and I think Siobhan's story is the story of revenge, which I think a lot of us think about, often, maybe," said Gellar. "As long as that's in the back of your mind, I think you can make two really compelling characters at the same time."

Darn and drat me for not having even the channels afforded those who don't have a million and one channels!


Mai Yang said…
this is the doppelganger series, right? :D I've seen the trailer..think I'm gonna watch this one. looks interesting :)
Writer said…
Not so much a doppelganger, but she plays twins. Yeah, it looks good, Mai Yang. :)
becca said…
sounds good will have to watch and see how it is
Writer said…
becca, as with all good (or bad) things, I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD. =/
Kyle said…
JP, we thought this looked good too. Doesn't hurt that Sarah Michelle Gellar is the star. We'd watch anything she was in.
Writer said…
Yuppers, Kyle, which is why I watched The Grudge with its angry puppet. =/


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