WOW: Britain to Expel Pro-Gaddafi diplomats

Via Al Jazeera:

Britain has officially recognised Libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government, and asked all diplomats belonging to Muammar Gaddafi's government to leave the United Kingdom.

William Hague, the UK foreign secretary, said on Wednesday that Britain was unfreezing 91m pounds ($150m) of Libyan oil assets to help the National Transitional Council, which the country now recognises as "the sole governmental authority in Libya".

"We will deal with the National Transitional Council on the same basis as other governments around the world," Hague said.

"In line with this decision, we summoned the Libyan charge d'affaires here to the foreign office this morning and informed him that he and other regime diplomats from the Gaddafi regime must now leave the United Kingdom.

"We no longer recognise them as the representatives of the Libyan government and we are inviting the Libyan National Transitional Council to appoint a new Libyan diplomatic envoy to take over the Libyan embassy in London."


becca said…
this lost me as i tend not to do well with world news but i did read it and will most likely read it again till i fully understand everything
Writer said…
Let's put this in Star Wars terms: Britain is throwing their support behind the Rebel Alliance and telling Darth Vadar, regardless of his ability to choke you from abroad, to get the fuck out. ;)

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