Jazzy Beau: James Tormé

I imagine that James Tormé and I suffer from the same pictoral disease: we can appear either really, really pretty in pictures taken of us or possibly not. We could have a face that sinks a 1000 ships or we could have the face that just needs to be sunk. Either way...I find him awfully pretty on the cover of his new CD "Love For Sale."

Granted, I know I'll hate the music...I haven't like a male jazz singer since Chet Baker and the 1950s...but at least the CD is pretty to look at.

And, yes, that is Tormé as in the son of Mel Tormé.


Chris said…
This one really made me laugh out loud :) Can I join your pictoral disease club? It's like being a frickin' Two-Face from Seinfeld...
Writer said…
Chris, you can totally join. I don't know about Two-Face from Seinfeld, but I always feel like Two-Face from Batman. =/


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