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From Remembrance of Things I Forgot by Bob Smith:

The gallery had a small kitchen area, and I must have been in back getting a cup of coffee. I'd started drinking coffee under Sylvia's tutelage. "John," she'd say while filling each of our mugs, "drinking coffee is how adults face the day; the ritual of turning an initially repellent bitter brew into something more palatable each morning - by adding milk and Sweet and Low, or, since you're still young and distressingly slender, real sugar - and then actually convincing yourself that you not only look forward to it, but actually relish it, is a daily lesson in how to live."


designing wally said…
And when you get to my age you switch to gin!
Writer said…
I've never been a big coffee person...bourbon and vodka are my thing. LOL
becca said…
sounds like an interesting book to read
Writer said…
becca, it's quite good. But I couldn't finish it. Someone had a hold on it. :(


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