Tuesday Beau: Vance Winter

Mister Handsome Man

Thank you to David Allen Waters for suggesting that Vance is my younger twin. :)


Loki's Log said…
Hey man,

For some reason, am unable to comment in my own blog - so to answer your question, I am reading Geraldine Brook's Calebs Crossing - a good historical fiction about the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College. you?
its all in the giggle, turtle :)
Writer said…
Loki, I've been pushing Caleb's Crossing because of your praise of it. Have you read Year of Wonder by her as well??
Writer said…
David, as you've said, a drunken giggle. LOL ;)
Loki's Log said…
I have not read Year of Wonder -- did you like it?
Writer said…
Loki, I haven't read it yet...I just really want to...and People of the Book, which I own. :D

And I lied about reading Candide: I've switched over to The Princess Bride. :)

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