Beau: Tristan MacManus

No, I do not watch Dancing With the Stars, but thanks to Nancy Grace's nipple slippage on the last episode, I was blessed with a sighting of this beauty on Piers Morgan.

Tristan is Nancy's partner, poor man. But, good Lord, he's hot!

And actually this picture doesn't do him justice...because, of course, you can't see his ass!


I know you don't like the show or her, but her dancing hasn't been half bad...and he is very sweet and patient with her....and if you think he looks hot, you should hear his accent...oh my ;)

also look up Maks brother Val(he just left the show this past week, but omg he is cute)
Writer said…
Val IS WAY cute. :)
DeepBlue said…

I don't care about his ass...


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