Beau: The Young Professionals

Is it me, or is the image of a man straightening another man's tie somewhat erotic?

The Young Professionals: check out Soundtrack to My Day


tamayn said…
I think it's the confidence that a suit represents that makes it so attractive.

However, when I put on a suit, I feel like everyone's thinking that I borrowed Daddy's suit for the night.
Writer said…
Well, you've got to insure that it's fitted properly. I've seen some many guys in suits here that just make them look like they're drowning.

Be sure the cuff of the white shirt (or whatever color the buttondown is) is visible beyond the cuff of the jacket. That's definitely something I notice. :)
Kyle said…
Not just you. For me almost any intimacy between men is erotic. Maybe it means so much because we don't get to see it very often.

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