For the Pimply, Fat, Obnoxious Gay Kids Who've Committed Suicide

Via a comment from Tim:

I want to make it clear, however, that there are hundreds of gay kids committing suicide across this nation who are not cute. Who don't have sexy voices.

These are the pimply, fat, obnoxious gay kids. The ones who ugly faces, or pear-shaped bodies, or heavy glasses, or frankly unattractive personalities.



DeepBlue said…
Harsh lyrics but so true!
becca said…
it just breaks my heart to know these kids are so desperate I wish I could wave a magic wand to wrap them in a protective bubble so they never have to hear hurtful things or ever be hurt like that.
Tim said…
We fight for the unattractive gay kids, too. Not just the cute poster childs with sweet personalities.

Homophobia does such immense damage to a person's personality. Some gay kids may not be very nice any more, after all the hate that's been poured on them. But we fight for them all the same. And when we win -- and we will win -- we will love them, and that let that love repair and restore and heal them.

That's the plan. That's how it gets better.
Writer said…
Very true, Jon. :)
Writer said…
becca, be sure to read Tim's comment after yours. I think that's the best plan. That and patience. :)
Writer said…
Homophobia is probably why we like bitterness and mean queenness: it's how we fight back to some degree. :)
Tim said…
The Trevor Project ( is the nation's largest -- and for a long time, the only -- suicide hotline just for gay, lesbian, questioning, transgender, transsexual, and bisexual teens. It came out of the Oscar-nominated 1994 short film about gay suicide, Trevor. (see

Their current project is not some wacky "it gets better" nonsense.

Their current project is called "Talk to Me." You can't save lives without talking to someone. You can't express your despair unless you talk to someone. And in talking, you can find ways to overcome your problems, find people who care, find help, and find a way to live.

That's the way to go.
Writer said…
Tim, I called The Trevor Project back in the day, so I know what you mean. However, color me confused, I thought "It Gets Better" was a part of that?

I like the potential for the "It Gets Better" Project, because people are talking: talking about what happened, talking about making it through, but I do feel there needs to be an *.

*excludes debt and taxes. ;)
Tim said…
"It Gets Better" was Dan Savage's thing. Lots of places jumped on the bandwagon, including Trevor Project. But Trevor Project soon realized that just telling kids to "hang on" isn't a solution. In fact, it admits that we've been defeated in the schools and will never win.

So that's why they moved on to "Talk to Me." That's real suicide prevention/

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