Friday Beau

Via Boy Oh Boi

It's my birthday. :)


HAPPY BDAY TURTLE! You know I love ya and am sending you nothing but good thoughts :)

now the pic, he is so cute, but even more the photo is way cool...and I notice in the pile he doesnt wear any unders ;)
M@rvin said…
I want to come all over that cute twink's face! Yup, in a horny mood today LOL.

Did you ever get to watch 'Weekend'? It sounded really interesting... Hope it makes it to our gay film festival here.
Writer said…
Yeah, I really like the pic too...for more than the obvious reasons. Thank you, David. And love you too. :)
Writer said…
M@rvin, I hope it comes here. I have a few friends who've seen it and they love it but they of course live in New York. LOL
Writer said…
What wally said! :)
Kyle said…
He is adorable. Happy belated B-day JP!
Writer said…
Thank you, Kyle. :)

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